Breathpod's Breathing Basics - 5 Day Mini Series

  • Develop a healthy breathing pattern

  • Balance your body

  • Focus your mind

  • Reduce stress

  • Reset your nervous system

Course Details:

Stuart Sandeman teaches the foundations of breathwork. 

In under 10 minutes a day, at your own pace, this video series will help you to optimise your breathing and help correct bad breathing habits. 


Video 1:  Awareness - Learn what happens when you breathe, and the link between breathing, thinking and feeling. Learn how your mind and environment affect your breathing patterns. 

Video 2: Stress, rest and nose breathing - Stuart explain's how breathing affects your nervous system. Learn the importance of nose breathing to keep your system balanced. 

Video 3: Primary Breathing muscle - Learn all about your primary breathing muscle; the diaphragm, and why it's so important to use your diaphragm when breathing.

Video 4: Slowing your breath - Learn the link between the pace of your breathing and the chemistry of your your body and how the way you breathe affects your pH. Practise slowing your breath.

Video 5: Optimal Breathing Flow - Putting everything into practise. 

Bonus - 5 minute daily practise, guided audio. 

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